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Window Repairs in Eastern PA

Approved Contractors can repair and replace windows damaged by storms, hail, wind and more in the Eastern PA area

We are a family-owned and operated business serving the Pennsylvania Tri-State area. We have experience repairing windows, roofs, siding, gutters, garage doors, skylights, and more after hail and wind damage occurs. Damage to the exterior of your home from hail or wind should not be taken lightly and must be addressed immediately by a professional, experienced company.

Our 4-Step Process is simple and allows damages to be fixed quickly and efficiently, so you can get back to enjoying your home. When a hail or wind storm occurs, and you notice any slight damage to your windows, you can trust us for prompt window repairs throughout the Eastern PA area. We will come to your home for a free inspection and write up a detailed report of the damage. Afterward, we will notify your insurance company and help you complete the claim process. Once the insurance company approves your claim, we will go over the project details with you, such as window styles, colors, designs, and more. Finally, we schedule a day and time to come out and complete the work. Our specialists work as quickly as possible to ensure damaged windows are fixed and the project is completed in a timely manner.

Whether you need assistance with awning window installation or to repair storm-damaged windows, you can rely on our window specialists for quality service. We provide window repair and replacement services throughout Eastern PA, including the following cities:

  • Oreland
  • Glenside
  • Blue Bell
  • Wyncote
  • Flourtown
  • Jenkintown
  • Elkins
  • Park Rockledge

Window Assessment

When it comes to your home, your windows, along with your roof, doors, and garage, are the four most vulnerable areas. Have you recently noticed issues with your windows? Storm damage can spread from your windows to the rest of your home if it is not immediately addressed. If damage occurs, be sure to cover the broken windows so that water does not enter your home and cause interior damage while you wait for our team to arrive and assess the situation.

Our window storm repair process in Eastern PA is straightforward and hassle-free yet extensive. We take the time to meticulously evaluate and customize a repair plan for each individual home. Once the assessment is complete, we will customize your repair plan, which includes the time and cost of labor and materials. Then, we’ll go over all details with you before any work is started.


Window Repair

A cracked or broken window leaves your home vulnerable to water damage, pest infestations, and intruders, just to name a few. For this reason, it’s vital that you reach out to our licensed and trusted professionals to repair window damage immediately.

Our highly-trained specialists are ready to undertake any window weather repair project, big or small. We are well-versed in a variety of window styles and sizes and work tirelessly to provide the solution that meets your needs and restores protection to your home. For over 25 years, we’ve been providing quality service by using only the best products and hiring the hardest working, capable specialists. When it comes to your glass window repairs, trust only the best.

We are proud to offer repair services for the following types of windows:

  • Awning Windows
  • Double-Hung Windows
  • Single-Hung Windows
  • Picture Windows
  • Bay Windows
  • Slider Windows
  • Storm Windows

Why Window Storm Damage Should Be Repaired Immediately

Cracks and holes in the window or warped window frames are issues that shouldn’t be ignored. Other than looking unattractive, these problems can have a significant impact on the integrity of your home. Heat and cold air can seep through the damaged windows, raising your monthly energy bills. Rainwater and moisture can also find their way into your house, causing mold and mildew to form in your walls. Additionally, a storm-damaged window compromises the safety of your household. These weak spots act as places for intruders to sneak in and out of your home easily.

Repairing window damage as soon as the storm has passed can restore the peace of mind you deserve in your own home. It can also increase your house’s energy efficiency and save you money in the long run by ensuring precious heat or cool air doesn’t escape. Don’t put off window storm repairs. Protect your household (and your budget) by calling window repair specialists as soon as possible.

Signs You Need Glass Window Repair

One of the most obvious signs you need window repairs is cracks or chips in your windows. Not only is it not aesthetically pleasing, but it also allows air and moisture to seep into your house. But what if your windows do not have visible cracks after a storm? Does this mean you don’t need to call the professionals? Not necessarily. Some window damage can go undetected at first, but with time, you may begin to see the following issues:

  • Water Comes Through Your Windows: Water can find its way into your home through weak seals or cracks. Moisture can build up in the window frames and walls, causing structural damage and health problems. It’s crucial to seek immediate repairs for storm-damaged windows to protect your house and your family’s health.
  • Your Windows Fog Up: If your windows are frequently fogging up, this likely means they need to be repaired. Outside drafts are making their way into your home, which also means air is escaping your house. You could save money by scheduling prompt window repairs, whether you have double-hung windows or slider windows.
  • It’s Hard to Open and Close Your Windows: Are you finding it hard to get your windows to budge? A simple repair may fix this issue and prevent other problems from arising, such as air leaking out of your house.
  • More Bugs Are Getting Into Your House: Unfortunately, we’ll always be struggling with the occasional bug getting into our homes, but if you notice an influx of creepy-crawlies getting inside, this could mean there’s an issue with your window screen. Screens can easily be torn during a storm, so you’ll want to inspect them and have them repaired so you can continue to use the window without worrying about bugs.

After a storm, window repairs should be one of your first priorities when it comes to fixing up your house. If you notice any of the above signs of window damage, reach out to our Eastern Pennsylvania window repair company right away.

Harvey Windows

Seven types of windows with sketches and names

Window Replacement and Installation

Our skilled and professional window installation specialists are experienced in repairing and replacing all varieties of windows. From double-hung to gliding, picture, awning, and even custom shapes, we can replace your windows easily. Furthermore, we use only high-quality, industry-standard brands like Harvey so that you can trust your windows will hold up during the next storm.

Many window replacement jobs can be completed in as little as two days, but it could take longer depending on the extent of the damage. We are always upfront about the timing of the project from the very beginning, and we do our best to meet these deadlines. Check out our Brochure PDFs to get an idea of the styles, colors, and accessories you can choose from!

Types of Windows We Replace

A home’s window styles and treatments impact its curb appeal and functionality. They can affect whether your house is perceived as modern or traditional, and they can determine how much natural light and air is allowed inside. If your windows have been damaged in a recent storm, now is the time to consider the style of your windows. With our storm window replacement services, you can choose the same kind of windows you had originally or try something new. We can replace any type of storm-damaged window, including:

These windows have a hinge at the top of their frame and swing outwards from the bottom. We often perform awning window installations for homes that could use extra ventilation and light.

These windows are sometimes called double-sash windows and consist of two vertical panels that can slide up and down. Many homeowners request our help with double-hung window installations because these windows allow the user to tilt the panels outward for easy maintenance and cleaning.

These windows are large, fixed-pane windows without glazing bars so that homeowners can have an unobstructed view of their surroundings. It also does not open or close.

This type of window consists of two panels that overlap at the frame. The panels are installed on a track so that one of the panels can slide horizontally over the other.

These windows protrude from the exterior of a house, creating a nook inside. They are often made of three flat windows set into an angled frame.

Replacing storm windows is often much easier than replacing mounted windows because a storm window is simply an extra set of framed glass that covers the interior or exterior of the house’s existing windows.

Areas We Serve

Whether you need assistance with a double-hung window installation, a storm window replacement, or a window weather repair, you can trust our window specialists for speedy and efficient installations and repairs. We are proud to offer window repairs throughout Eastern PA, including Oreland, Glenside, Blue Bell, Wyncote, Flourtown, Jenkintown, Elkins, and Park Rockledge.

Expert Window Repairs From a Trusted Eastern PA Company

Storms can leave devastating destruction in their wake. If you’re concerned about the integrity and safety of your windows, you can rely on us for quality window repairs throughout Eastern PA. We also provide reliable roofing repairs and siding and gutter replacements. We will do everything we can to restore your peace of mind and help you feel comfortable in your home once again. To schedule an appointment for a free estimate, contact our team today!

  • Low profile sweep locks
  • Fiberglass half screen
  • Energy Star qualified
  • Ventilation limit latches that keep top or bottom sash partially open
  • White Finish Only


  • Energy Star qualified
  • Factory calibrated block & tackle sash balances never need adjustment or lubrication
  • Locking fiberglass half screen
  • Vinyl head expander and vinyl sill extender
  • Color Exterior Finishes; BetterGrain Interior Finishes


  • Attractive, low profile locks
  • Includes Harvey Virtually Invisible Enhanced Window Screen
  • Energy Star qualifications with Double Low-E/Argon and warm edge spacer system
  • Anti-theft ventilation limit latches for security while venting
  • Color Exterior Finishes; BetterGrain Interior Finishes


  • Energy Star qualified
  • Resists rot, degradation, splitting, warping and mildew
  • Airtight seal does not distort over time
  • Non-compression Jamb Liner adds strength, stability & reduces air infiltration
  • Solid Ponderosa Pine Wood (Paintable)