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Hail stones, even as small as a nickel, can cause severe bruising and granule loss that will dramatically reduce the lifespan of your roof. Similarly, high winds will loosen, or even completely remove, shingles which will expose the vulnerable second layer felt material. If it rains while this material is exposed, it can seep through to the roof’s final wooden layer and cause irreparable destruction. If your roof suffered shingle damage, rotting wood, leaks or any other type of damage from a severe storm, Approved Contractors, Inc. will ensure each issue is addressed and repaired to your satisfaction. A damaged roof cannot be left unrepaired as it is one of the most important, and expensive, parts of your home’s exterior. Don’t wait until you notice a leak to call for roof repair. Immediately after a hail or high wind storm hits, call Approved Contractors, Inc. to schedule an appointment to assess the damage and begin the repair process.

Roof Repair Assessment

The Approved Contractors, Inc.’s roof repair process is simple and hassle-free, yet extremely thorough. We take the time to meticulously assess and customize a repair plan for each individual home, as we understand no two roofs are ever the same and no two homes ever have the same exact needs. The result is a top-quality roof that will hold up in almost any extreme weather condition for years to come. Once we have completed the assessment, we will design a customized repair plan from our evaluation indicating whether it makes more sense to do a section repair or replace the entire roof. After our findings, we calculate time and cost and call you to go over the entire process, making sure we are completely upfront with every aspect.

Roof Installation

Approved Contractors, Inc.’s roof installation process is just as, if not more, thorough than the assessment. Safety for our crew, as well as your home, is always our number one priority. Before any work is done to your roof we prep the site using large tarps to cover any exposed areas. This ensures no nails or debris are left on your property where children or animals could be exposed to nails and other hazardous materials. After prepping the site, we will begin the roof installation in multiple phases, depending on the extent of the damage. Most roofs can be torn down and installed in 2 phases, but some jobs do take longer if you have a larger home. Approved Contractors, Inc. is always upfront about the timing of a project from the beginning and we do our best to meet these deadlines.

Roof Material

We are experienced in installing and repairing roofs in a variety of materials including shingles, tiles, metal, rubber and concrete. Each of these materials is available in a variety of colors, styles and options. Check out our Roof Visualizer Tool below to get a better idea of what looks might interest you. If your roof is made out of one material, but you are thinking about switching, be sure to ask us during the assessment process. This way we can come up with a plan based on your new roof material, not the existing. We use only high-quality, industry standard materials and brands on every single roofing job we do, this ensures your roof looks great while holding up during extreme weather. Approved Contractors, Inc. is here to build and repair a new roof with your ideal vision in mind.

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Eagleview Technology

Approved Contractors, Inc. uses EagleView Technologies for every single one of our roof repair jobs. This is the industry standard in property measurement and the only company we trust to deliver accurate roof measurements. EagleView uses remote aerial footage to create 3D models and produce highly accurate and detailed roof measurements. This technology is especially helpful when assessing roof damage after a severe hail or wind storm, because it reduces the exposure to unstable roof surfaces. Since EagleView’s launch in February 2008, roofing contractors throughout the country are using this technology for its obvious accuracy, time saving and safety benefits.

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Roof Visualizer Tool

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