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Complete Home Repairs in Eastern PA

Hail and wind storms can transform your home from a safe haven to a disaster area in one night. Thankfully, you can rely on our specialists for immediate repairs. We’ll work tirelessly to get everything back to normal and restore your peace of mind. When your home is damaged by hail, a tornado, a hurricane, or other disastrous events, we will be there, providing home repair inspections, affordable metal roofing repairs, siding replacements, and everything in between.

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As a leading storm repair company, we pride ourselves on offering complete home repairs throughout Eastern PA, including:

  • Oreland
  • Glenside
  • Blue Bell
  • Wyncote
  • Flourtown
  • Jenkintown
  • Elkins
  • Park Rockledge

Rebuilding after a storm can seem daunting, but when you partner with our licensed roofing, siding, and window contractors, you can feel confident you’re on the right path. We’ll guide you through the roof and siding repair process, helping you make sense of your situation and the solutions available to you.

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Hail and Wind Damage Specialists

Hail and wind storms can cause extreme damage to your home or commercial building. Roofs, gutters, siding, windows, downspouts, skylights, garage doors, and more can all become expensive victims in the wake of a storm. Left neglected, this can cause irreparable damage down the line. Our general roofing contractors and siding specialists will come to your home, assess the hail and wind damage, provide an estimate, and work with your insurance company to get you the repairs you need! When you find you require complete home repairs in Eastern PA, trust our roofing and siding repair company to fix hail and windstorm damage done to your property.

A Trusted Roofing Company

When a hail or wind storm hits, the first thing you need to check is your roof. It is one of the most precious components of your home or commercial property, and damage cannot go unchecked or unrepaired. Hailstones as small as a nickel can cause severe bruising that will drastically reduce the lifespan of your roof. High wind gusts can loosen or even blow off shingles completely, which can cause irreparable damage if left alone. In the event of a hail storm, let our licensed roofing contractors assess your home or property’s roof damage and provide complete home repairs in Eastern PA.

What Causes Major Storm Damage to Your Roof?

It doesn’t take breaking-news weather conditions for damage to be done to your roof. Winds from 25 to 50 mph and heavy rain can rip up asphalt shingles, and hail can dent metal roofing structures. Which elements should you be concerned about causing damage to your home’s roof? These four main elements often have homeowners seeking contractors for roofing repairs:

Wind is the main culprit of roof damage because it’s present during any type of storm. It can tear off or loosen shingles, flashing, and gutters from your roof. For this reason, it’s important to request the help of a roofing specialist who also specializes in gutter repairs.

Hailstones of any size can cause significant damage if they fall with enough force. They often cause dents or cracks that are not only unattractive but also compromise the integrity of the roofing structure. Hailstones are not picky about the types of roofs they damage. This is why you’ll want to speak with home roofing companies that employ asphalt shingle, metal, rubber, and tile roofing contractors.

Rain may not be a problem in and of itself, but if your roof is already weak from age or a previous storm, it could cause severe damage. The water could seep between any cracks and ruin the roof’s underlayment and your attic.

Storms with heavy winds can pick up debris and drop it on your roof. Tree branches and limbs have been common causes of shingle, tile, and structural damage.

While your roofing system may not suffer damage from all four of these elements, it can still sustain significant damage from any one of them. Thankfully, you can rely on our roofing specialists for affordable metal roofing repairs as well as repairs for other types of roofing systems.

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How to Know If You Need to Reach Out to Your Local Roofing Company

It can be challenging to know if your roof has sustained damage after a storm from the ground. We do not recommend climbing onto the roof yourself because this can be very dangerous. However, there are a few things you can look for that may indicate you should reach out to a roof service company.

  • Your car(s) parked in the driveway or on the street have visible dents.
  • Shingles are curled, torn, missing, or covering your lawn.
  • The gutters are detached from your house.
  • Your neighbors are having their roofs assessed by home roofing companies.

Storm Damage Repairs Our Roofing Company Offers

We provide expert and emergency roofing repairs that restore your home to like-new condition after a storm. Our roofing technicians will perform a thorough inspection and advise you on the best way to move forward. We can help with everything from leaks and ponding to blow-offs and curled shingles. Whatever your needs, our contractors for roofing repairs will restore your roofing system to its normal appearance — like the storm never even happened!

Full Roof Replacement From a Trusted Roof Service Company

Is your roof beyond repair? This is no problem for our roof replacement contractors! They’ll use their decades of industry experience to provide a replacement solution that suits your needs and budget. Our team has expertise in an array of roofing materials, including metal, asphalt, tile, slate, and rubber. No matter the architectural look you would like to achieve, our roof replacement contractors will help your dreams come true.


Gutter and Siding Repair Company

Probably the most vulnerable components of your home, siding and gutters usually take the brunt of the force when a hail storm makes its way through the area. Hail can easily crack or dent your home’s siding and gutters, allowing moisture to enter beneath the surface. Once moisture starts to penetrate, it becomes a breeding ground for mold and will eventually rot if it is not properly fixed. Fortunately, you can rely on our siding specialists to replace all damaged siding and gutters to ensure an air-tight seal around your home.

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Our Gutter Repair Company Services All Types of Gutters

As a leading gutter repair company in Eastern Pennsylvania, we handle all kinds of gutter repairs. Whether your gutter is clogged, leaking, sloping, or falling apart, we’ll provide the proper solution using high-quality products. We also fix downspouts, fascia brackets, and other parts of your gutter system.

Our storm repair contractors are adept at repairing the following types of gutters:

  • K-Style
  • Half-Round
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel
  • Copper

Repairs and Replacements Our Siding Contractors Provide

Have you noticed your home’s siding looking a little worse for wear after a storm? It’s likely time to schedule a home repair inspection to ensure the extreme weather conditions didn’t affect the siding’s durability or the integrity of your entire house. Our siding contractors provide exceptional siding repair and replacement services after a storm has done a number to the siding. Whether you simply need one section repaired or the entire siding, we will quickly provide safe and lasting solutions. As one of the top siding repair companies in the area, we use only premium quality materials to ensure reliability and durability.

Our house repair company can assist you with repairs and replacements of various types of siding, including:

  • Vinyl Siding
  • Wood Siding
  • Cement Siding
  • Stone Veneer Siding
  • Brick Siding


If you know a storm is coming, you can prepare for hail and wind damage by covering each one of your home’s windows with plywood or any other covering available on the market. However, most storms come out of nowhere with little to no time to prepare. Windows are easily broken and cracked by hail and flying debris. If the window frame becomes damaged, moisture can seep in between the windowpane, affecting the efficiency of the windows. For your safety, broken windows should be fixed and replaced immediately by a licensed house repair company.

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Our storm repair company provides window repair and replacement services throughout the Eastern Pennsylvania area. When a storm has damaged your home’s windows, we will arrive promptly to ease your worries about the security of your home and the safety of your belongings and loved ones. We will perform repairs on the spot with the best tools and techniques. If the window needs to be replaced, we will provide a temporary solution until the new window can be ordered and installed. No matter the type of service you require, you can trust our window repair specialists to improve your home’s comfort and value.

Our Service Area

Whether you’re seeking the best metal roofing specialists, general roofing contractors, tile roofing contractors, or siding specialists, you’ve come to the right place. We proudly provide complete home repairs throughout Eastern PA, including Oreland, Glenside, Blue Bell, Wyncote, Flourtown, Jenkintown, Elkins, and Park Rockledge. No matter your roof or siding repair needs, we can take care of them.

Contact Your Local Storm Repair Company

Has a storm rolled through your town, doing a number on your roofing, siding, gutters, or windows? If so, reach out to our storm repair contractors for complete home repairs throughout Eastern PA. As a leading local roofing and siding company, we have some of the best asphalt, tile, and metal roof and vinyl siding specialists and practices. Make an appointment today for a free estimate by giving us a call or reaching out to us through the online contact form.