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Our Process

At Approved Contractors, Inc. we make it easy and stress free to fix damage to your home caused by wind and hail storms. Our simple 4 Step Process, as outlined below, allows damages to be fixed quickly and efficiently. First, give us a call for a Free Inspection and damage report. Once we have a good idea of the damage caused to your home, we will notify your insurance company and meet with your insurance agent to go over the damages covered in your policy. Once approved by your insurance company, we will go over the details of the project and finally schedule the work to be done so you can get back to enjoying your home!

Approved Contractors, Inc.  has excelled within the insurance industry in handling a variety of claims such as yours. Our specialists will handle each and every claim process as if it was for our own home. At Approved Contractors, Inc. we bring our family to yours! Insurance claims can be confusing and sometimes overwhelming, which is why we are with you every step of the way!

Step One

Call Approved Contractors Inc.

The first step to getting your home repaired from hail and wind damage is to call Approved Contractors, Inc: 1-833-HAIL-123. We will come to your home in the Pennsylvania Tri-State area for a Free Inspection! Our specialists will inspect your roof, siding, gutters, windows, screen doors, garage doors, skylights and all other vital aspects of your home to ensure we do not miss a single area. This free inspection will allow us to write a very detailed report of all damage, which we will send to your Insurance Company and get the claim process started.



Once the Free Inspection is complete and our report is written up, your dedicated Approved Consultant will assist you on how to report any damages found to your Insurance Company. After you file a claim, a meeting day and time will be set between your Insurance Company and Approved Contractors, Inc. at your property. Your Approved Consultant will then meet your insurance company at your home to be sure that you get all the damages covered and ensure all specifications were looked over.

Please Note: Approved Contractors, Inc. must be informed and present for your adjustment.



After all of the technicalities have been met with your Insurance Company and the claim has been approved  – the real fun begins! Your Approved Consultant will sit with you to go over all of the project details. This is where you get to choose design, colors, products, materials, etc. and watch your vision come to life. Approved Contractors, Inc. uses only top-quality, industry-standard brands and materials including GAF, CertainTeed, MASTIC by Ply Gem, Tamko and more. This ensures, that if another storm occurs, your home will be protected with the finest products on the market.



Finally, let’s schedule the work so Approved Contractors, Inc. can get your home back to the pristine condition you are used to. We do our best to work around your busy schedule and get the job completed quickly and efficiently. Our professional contractors ensure the work will be completed in a timely manor so you can get back to enjoying your home. Depending on the extent of the damage and the amount of work to be done, most jobs will be complete in one day up to two weeks in an extreme case. All timelines are discussed with you during the project details phase.