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As a family-owned and operated company we understand how important it is to give back to the community. Our Referral Program is our way to show thanks, appreciation and gratitude to our customers who have helped us stay in business for as long as we have. The best way to grow a company is by word of mouth, and we hope our customers will use this Referral Program to help us continue to successfully grow our business.

Everyone qualifies for our Referral Program: whether you’re a friend of the company, have used us in the past or just found us online, anyone is entitled to our rewards! Our 3-Tier Referral Program begins with Bronze (1-5 leads), Silver (6 – 10 leads) and Gold (11+ leads), referred two (2) years. All leads must be qualified with a minimum $5,000 spent in order to receive the reward. To send in a referral, you can call Approved Contractors, Inc. at 1-833-HAIL-123, fax us the information to 215-638-2677, send us an email containing the referral information, or fill out the form below. No need to wait! Why wonder when a job you referred will be completed or how long you will have to wait for your referral reward? We appreciate how hard you work for us and we want to thank you by enjoying your reward quicker, that’s why we will issue your reward to you within the same week of your referral contracting with Approved Contractors Inc. via a Visa Gift Card. *See referral Terms & Conditions


Level 1 Bronze Referral pays $100 per lead! Best of all, you only need to start with 1! Unlike other Referral Programs where you don’t qualify until you send in 3, Approved Contractors, Inc. likes to reward you immediately! Simply refer a homeowner who spends $5,000 or more on their project and you will receive a $100 Visa Gift Card, up to 5 referrals within 2 years. At your 6th referral, you’ll bump up to our Silver Level.
*See Referral Terms & Conditions*


Level 2 Silver Referral pays $200 per lead! In our Silver Plan, refer 6-10 qualified leads, who spend $5,000 or more, and you will receive a $200 Visa Gift Card per referral. With Approved Contractors, Inc.’s Referral Program you have the freedom to spend your money anywhere – no restrictions! At your 11th qualified referral, you qualify to bump up to our Level 3 Gold Referral Program.
*See Referral Terms & Conditions*


Level 3 Gold Referral Program pays an outstanding $300 per lead! Qualified leads must spend $5,000 or more and you will receive a $300 Visa Gift Card. Approved Contractors, Inc.’s Gold Referral Level is available to those who recommend 11 and more leads within 2 years. All leads must be submitted and approved within the same year. Once the 2 years end, you will start back at 0.
*See Referral Terms & Conditions*

Terms & Conditions

Please read Approved Contractors, Inc.’s Terms and Conditions carefully. A “Qualified Referral” must meet the following criteria to qualify for our Referral Rewards Program. Leads must have a purchase of $5,000 or more in new or replacement roof, windows, gutters or siding and have a signed “Final Agreement” with Approved Contractors, Inc. to complete such contracted work. If at any time a lead does not sign and/or cancels a “Final Agreement” with Approved Contractors, Inc. that lead becomes null and void and will not be awarded (e.g. denied claim, chooses another contractor, cancels contract within rescission date, and/or refuses to open a claim). The dollar amount from one bracket to another is non-interchangeable and if found to be a “qualified referral” they will be rewarded as outlined (Bronze $100 each starting at the first lead up to the fifth lead but not greater than five, Silver $200 each starting at the 6th lead to the 10th lead, but not greater than 10, Gold will be rewarded $300 each for any amount of leads starting with the 11th lead and any amount thereafter).

To be considered the “referring party” and to be eligible to participate the referred must have “your name” listed as the referred in an email, fax, completed form via our website, or by an Approved Contractors, Inc. representative completing the “referred by section” on the “Final Agreement” for whom you referred. We strongly urge anyone who gives a verbal lead to a representative of Approved or gives a lead that was called into the office to follow up with their lead in written form to verify your records and ours (e.g. mail, fax, e-mail, web-form). We cannot emphasize enough to  make certain “your name” is mentioned when your friend, family member, acquaintance, neighbor or co-worker call or write in to Approved to get their FREE INSPECTION to ensure you are getting the recognition you deserve with no complications for giving Approved your lead.

Please submit referrals by calling Approved Contractors, Inc. at 1-833-HAIL-123, send us a fax to 215-638-2677, email or fill out the form below. Participants will be rewarded within the same week of your referral contracting a “Final Agreement” with Approved Contractors, Inc. You will be paid with a Visa gift card, no exceptions. No two parties can be rewarded for the same lead, if a lead becomes to intricate to honor or validate that lead will then be delegated to the discretion of Approved Contractors’ owners and operators to determine qualification for that lead. Approved Contractors has the right to rescind any lead, referral or Final Agreement  on any occasion without recourse. To participate, entrants must be at least 18 years of age and a legal resident of the United States. Approved Contractors, Inc. will not be responsible for lost, late or misdirected mail; printing errors; server unavailability; any other electronic or telecommunication malfunctions; or delays due to holidays and/or weather condition.